Friday, July 8, 2011

Things will get right..

haha. It's another free Saturday. I have attended my commencement and things turned up to be really happening. I thought my commencement might be boring as I expected my whole family will attend cut down to only parents and Dajie+ Yixin however my friends were all there. On the commencement day itself, my friends Kai Yee, XuShen and me attended the interview that will be screened live in the commencement hall. That was really an awesome experience. Hahaha, I cannot believe I shout out loud to the camera, "I LOVE MATHS". My gangs who watched the interview live laughed at the answers Xu sheng, Kai Yee and me gave. And we also have world huge of gangs with parents around to take pictures with and we ruled the UCC with our number.

We managed to take quite some pictures and those pictures were really nice and we grabbed the chance to take pictures with each other parents. Those feeling was indescribable. Flash of memories ran through my head with all the good, bad, sweet and sour experiences. Those were really precious memories that will remain and those memories are also the essence that shaped me. I have become who I am because I have entered University of Singapore. I am really glad to this University for giving me such experience and I really learned a lot throughout this few years.

I though I will not enjoy the commencement as I would because I did not do well in the study, ironically I was extremely happy because I have somehow gone through the hell of study that not everyone can have a chance to try. I have gone through the time where I need to study in the library just to struggle not to fail. Sitting down in front of the desk figuring out how to solve those FUCKING homework that in the end I submitted the solutions that earned me 0%. I have also gone through those time where guilty slammed me hard for not attending the lecture and I played the whole night just to realized the next morning that I was really tired and exhausted to wake up in the early morning. Even if I managed to wake up, I will sleep in the lecture theater for my sleepiness sake.

Those time that play 40%, hall 40% and study 20% was really fond. Now that I think of them I am smiling and I am having a goose bump. Such sweet sweet memories. If I were to choose again, I wont pick the same patch because the courage needed must be huge and perseverance needed to continue do so must be undying. Now that I have work I feel guilty even a slight slack that I choose to take. I feel irresponsible when I am not doing the things that I am supposed to do. I think the last few years in school really has given me a good view in doing things. I have learned and I have grown mature to do the right things. I am really happy for all the decision I have made and all the stupid and silly things that I have chosen to do. Be it alone or with my friends.

I do not wish to go back to school life like most of friends wished but I treasured those time because I think I only need such experience once. Just like marrying, I would only want to marry once with the one I wish to spend my life with.

In my University life, I would like to thanks several people that really gave deep impact to me throughout, they are my parents, my siblings, Audrey, Pupu, and my few swines and dogs friends. When I said swines and pigs friends, you should know I am referring to you right? haha

As for the 2 days trip in Singapore, it turned up to be a trip to babysit Yixin, the empress. She ruled and she is Kawaii and her laughter and smile killed me because she is too KAWAII.. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I do not care as she is too kawaii!!! As for the give from all the jie jie and Bao, I like the watch so much. =D

I remembered what my friend, Yong Sim told me. The scene still clear in my mind, on the way to the SRC padang when we were to compete in the rag, he suddenly told me he can see those horses come alive and will gallop in the RAG dag itself and that time I was really upset as I could not ensure those horses will gallop. At the very presentation minutes itself, I decided to put 3 operators up the float and the WEIGHT gave enough PRESSURE to move the horses. Just like Yong Sim told me, he saw those horses did not give up and they ran as energetically as they could in the competition. This has been like a story of "ENCHANTED" to me ever since. I believe in miracle and faith because my FRIENDS and FAMILY have never given up me.

I am contented

Horace on the Saturday with lots of gratitude.

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